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Beautifully located in the city centre, these small yet spacious apartment houses are at a short distance from the grocery, supermarket, bus stop and tram stop. Leave your car home and simply walk the city lanes, stopping at a restaurant or wine inn, basking in the nuances of Austrian culture.




Italy abounds in imperial palaces, treasures of art and history and a 25 centuries-old heritage. It also offers a host sport and entertainment facilities, numerous cultural events and shows, all of which you can savour in the luxury of your own rented apartment.




The most populous municipality in the European Union, London's history goes back to its founding by the Romans and it is now one of the world's most important business, financial and cultural centres. London is home to many museums, galleries and other institutions. Rent your own apartment and enjoy its many cinemas, bars, clubs, restaurants and monuments.


Large, chic, famous, busy city. Paris is famous worldwide for the beauty and the number of its monuments. Towers, churches, palaces, arches, bridges or fountains. All these monuments will tell you the story of a 2000 years old capital. Visit them at leisure by checking into a comfortable apartment and feel like a Parisian using local transport - the Velib (easy bike), OKIGO (car sharing) tram or metro.



Spain is full of cities that offer many cultural and relaxing activities. A mix of palaces, old churches, many bars and restaurants, natural beauty and a Mediterranean climate, makes Spain an exciting and lively destination at any time of the year. Stay at wonderful old buildings and enjoy its many contrasts. 


Experience the best of Switzerland in centrally located apartments that are walking distance from shops, restaurants, the renowned Swiss railway stations and other public transport services. Once at home, make it a starting point for excursions to Pilatus, Rigi, Titlis and to the Stanserhorn.


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